Reporting Services

Building Envelope Support Services

From due diligence for supplier/subcontractor award, design document reviews, through to warranty/defect claims - Hightower Labs, Inc. is on call and ready to support your projects across the U.S.

Field Reporting

On-Site Service

- Field observation reporting
- Site Survey (RO, structures, installed tolerances)
- Performance Mockup
- Manufacturer progress/QAQC reporting
- Control (plan & elevation)
- Leak investigation

Document Review

Off-Site Support

- Early discovery of obscurities and errors with time & cost impacts
- Resolution of conflicts
- Early intervention in compounding risks
- Reduce or eliminate subcontractor "Delay Rights Placeholders™"
- Dimension/alignment consistency
- Performance criteria review
- Supplier/Subcontractor/System evaluation
- Constructability, tolerances, technical requirements
- Transition detailing of adjoining systems
- In-progress shop drawing check
- Subcontractor bid package / scope review
- Design coordinator
- Warranty strength and liability determinations